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MacBlane Stringed Instruments

Located in Preble New York, and revered around the world, MacBlane Stringed Instuments is an all inclusive service headquaters for all of your stringed instrument needs. From Stradivarius to Stratocaster, owner/craftsman/musician Robert (Bob) MacBlane can get your instrument back to performing to your specifications.
Acoustic instruments or electric, the shop is equipped to repair or replace if necessary any and all parts that make your instument what it is and keep it doing what it was built to do.

Services available include:

♦ Repairs and restorations of all stringed instruments ♦ Warranty service for many brands ♦ Parts and accessories for the musician as well as the instruments ♦ Sales of used instruments

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MacBlane Stringed Instruments
6784 Corl Drive
Preble, NY 13141

(607) 749-2594